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Evolution FX - Copy Trading

The most attractive benefit of Evolution FX is efficiency, stability and transparency

We have more than 13 years of trading and expert advisor development experience which we used to create the ultimate trading algorithm, Evolution FX.

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Evolution FX is now one of the highest-rated trading algorithms in the market, followed by thousands of investors from across the world.

Signal Start -The Best Solution For Copy Trading

Signal Start was created on a belief that a signal service should provide a complete solution for both signal providers and followers. Looking at the existing services, we’ve identified all of the weaknesses and created one of a kind.

Our Advantages

Why Choose Evolution FX For Copy Trading?


Over 12 months of constant profit, never had a negative month. Check our past record and see for yourself.


Our biggest advantage. Transparency is in our very DNA. You can check anytime on MyFXBook.

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Key Benefits Of Copy-Trading Evolution FX

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Users that trust us

See what some users say about us, and what we’ve accomplished in copy trading activity. And this is not all!

Our Trustpilot Reviews

William Gallagher
William Gallagher
@trustpilot / 07.11.2021
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During my investing quests, I've always searched for automatization. My time is very valuable to me and I don't really have the time to spend on analyses. Evolution FX came straight up my alley and gave me the opportunity to trade on the FOREX market on autopilot. I've been following this strategy on Zulutrade and I've made more than 200$ profit in 2 months for every 1000$ that I've invested. So, yes, I do recommend Evolution FX. I've read the other reviews and I honestly don't understand how you can say bad things about this if you haven't tried it first. Just my 2 cents. Update: My total profit is $500 now, which means a 50% return on my initial investment. This Evolution FX does not cease to amaze me.
Stefan Iacoban
Stefan Iacoban
@trustpilot / 17.11.2021
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A serious project. Evolution FX A serious project, a team of grade 10, unlimited winning possibilities! Automatically generated profit. I recommend with confidence!
Nicu Alex
Nicu Alex
@trustpilot / 24.12.2021
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I am a follower of Evolution FX since 2 months and profits are generated very stable and constantly Keep it up like this Thank you
AAA2148061F@zulutrade / 14.08.2021
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I had good results so far since I started to copy Evolution FX. They have the potential to become one of the best traders on zulutrade, i hope they keep it up like this.
Erdit Mërtiri
Erdit Mërtiri
@trustpilot / 30.01.2022
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New is the year, new are the hopes and the aspirations, new is the resolution, new are the spirits and forever my warm wishes are for u.Have a promising and fulfilling new year. 5 STARS Evolution-FX 💥💥💥
Dan Dascalu
Dan Dascalu
@trustpilot / 22.02.2022
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💥Evolution FX is unstoppabl💥 🔝🏆 Evolution FX made it on the first page of ZuluTrade "Top 5 Performing Traders" with the biggest ROI 🏅 😎 Make your trading easy and AUTO-COPY for FREE Evolution FX strategy.
@zulutrade / 22.02.2022
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Evolution FX is awesome! I don't understand why it doesn't stand on the #1 Zukurank. It's obvious that this trader has outperformed all the other traders here.
@trustpilot / 22.02.2022
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With the help of connecting to Evolution FX you can increase your budget in just a few days after connecting.A project that I recommend for a long time!
Roxana Andreea
Roxana Andreea
@trustpilot / 18.12.2021
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The best project. Evolution FX showed me what trading on the Forex market really means.
Anghel Stefan
Anghel Stefan
@trustpilot / 17.12.2021
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It is very good to trade automatically. I 100% recommend the profesional Evolution FX team!.

More Benefits

Why should you choose us for Copy Trading Services?

We offer the world completely new trading possibilities

World's most advanced trading algorithm

Evolution FX was created to fill a big need for a fully transparent, stable, and reliable copy trading service for traders worldwide. It is a completely automated trading system that can be copied by every trader with a real or even a demo account. You simply set it and forget about it. Not to mention, all our trading history is completely verified by a fully licensed copy trading platform, ZuluTrade.

The Strategy behind Evolution FX

Valuable insights for copy trading

With over 13 years of trading experience, we managed to build a strategy to help investors grow their portfolios in a long term, automatically, inexpensively, and trusted. This is not a get-rich-quick strategy, it was developed for stable and consistent growth in the long run. You don’t have to believe us for our trading performance, you can always check our full trading history on MyFxbook.

Earn while you enjoy your free time

Improved methods for copy trading

The truth is, trading is not easy. It takes a lot of time to practice and master, and even that is very time-consuming. Building a solid, reliable, and time-resistant trading strategy is even harder. This is why only 11%-24% of manual traders end up winning in the long run. Evolution FX is the perfect solution for solving all of these problems.

The Team Behind
Evolution FX

Marian Stan

CEO - Founder
Marian Stan is the founder, CEO, and head trader at Evolution FX. With over 13 years of professional experience in the financial markets and over a decade of investing in different asset classes, including real estate, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, Mr. Stan has a unique capacity for identifying the community’s most important concerns and ensuring that they are met efficiently. Based on Marian Stan’s long-standing passion for trading, as well as his desire to help other traders succeed, Evolution FX has been established in order to give something back to the trading community.

Alex Muresan

Chief Marketing Officer
Alex Muresan is the Social Media Manager at Evolution Fx, where he manages the company's online presence and educates our community about Forex trading. With several years of experience in marketing, Forex trading, and crypto investing, Alex loves to study the charts and to perform excellent technical analysis so our followers can have a better understanding of how Evolution FX works. In addition to overseeing the company's social media presence, Alex writes articles about forex trading for the blog, a highly regarded educational resource for novice traders.

Bogdan Puscasu

Senior Editor
Bogdan Puscasu is the Senior Editor at Evolution FX. He has an extensive background in stock market investing and trading, and he is skilled at writing in-depth articles that are both informative and easy to read. His work as a Senior Editor allows him to make strategic decisions about the editorial activities of the Evolution FX website, and he relies on his ability to organize large amounts of information to make sure that every article meets the highest standards of accuracy and quality.

Lucian Cociu

Community Manager
Lucian Cociu is the Community Manager at Evolution FX. In his role, Lucian works with new joiners to ensure that they have a positive experience with Evolution FX. He also helps translate complex financial topics into simpler language for a broader audience. Lucian has been passionate about trading and investing for several years. He believes in constant improvement and sets goals to improve his skills and knowledge. He has a native skill of organizing people, mediating among team members, and respecting team members.

Frequently Asked Questions

See what other users frequently ask.
Improve your strategic point of view regarding the world of investments with our help and you will master the art of investing.
Evolution FX is a new generation of mild(gentle)grid strategy. When markets are overbought/oversold trades are opened counter trend. If the trade goes against initial position a new trade is opened in the same direction, up to 12 positions per pair and up to 24 positions in total.
Yes, Evolution FX is fully verified and trusted copy trading algorithm:

Register to Signal Start by clicking on one of the buttons from our page.

Yes, you can stop at any time.

Evolution FX is the most advanced trading algorithm ever created. It has proven it’s performance and stability over all kinds of markets. Evolution FX is designed to help everyone become profitable, with a ‘set and forget” winning formula.

You can click one of the “REGISTER NOW” button from our page and follow the instructions, or you can contact us via Facebook/Telegram if you need more help

Yes it is. You can find all the details on the Signal Start website.

The minimum amount we recommend is $1000. The most you can afford to risk is what we recommend you start with. Only you can answer that. You can start with lower than $1000 but results may drastically vary from ours.
No. You can open an account from your smartphone in just a few steps.
No.It is a “set and forget” system. Once you set it, you can close everything and all trades will be copied to your own broker automatically

Yes, you can use any broker.

Yes, Signal Start is a leading copy trading platform which is fully regulated and lincensed worldwide.

Yes, you can join our telegram channel by clicking on the button above.

Change your life with Copy Trading.

A new form of trading is taking the financial market by storm: Evolution FX copy trading or mirror trading. It is quite easy to explain and understand: financial institutions (usually brokers) offer you the opportunity to see what other traders are doing and copy their transactions. It’s a simple principle.

And the best part of it is that EVERYONE wins!

Evolution FX and Signal Start Copy-Trade platform is the best solution out there:

  • A platform which is accessible from any device (desktop or mobile).
  • Account analysis with industry-standard metrics.
  • A robust and tested trade copying technology.
  • A super simple and powerful user interface.
  • A Multi-Broker and Platform compatibility.
  • A service you can count on, with a 24/5 email support and a refund policy.
  • A white label option for signal providers at no additional cost (as a sub-domain of Signal Start or in your own domain).

Go ahead and try us out. You will not be disappointed.


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