Avasocial Review


AvaSocial Review

AvaSocial is a new innovative copy trading service launched by AvaTrade, an online Forex broker. The platform, which is available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store, was introduced at the end of 2021. Because it allows traders to interact with one another in order to share and execute trades in a single central network, this inventive copy and social trading solution helps all traders, both new and experienced.

A Brief Introduction To AvaSocial

AvaSocial is the outcome of a partnership between AvaTrade, a worldwide CFDs and FX broker, and Pelican Trading, a London-based organization that has developed a trading application called Pelican. They wanted to bring together the collective knowledge and expertise of both organizations in order to produce a product that will be competitive with the already established competing companies.

AvaSocial Key Features

  • At first sight, it appears to be a standard trading application – with a user-friendly UI, multiple vibrant colors, and a menu that is simple to browse through and navigate through. Because it provides daily market updates and interaction possibilities, the app hopes to attract both rookie and expert traders.
  • The software, which was created by Pelican Trading, is fairly similar to any other social media application, featuring online chat groups, personal messages, comments, and shares among other features. This takes the pressure off the perception that trading is a hard and tough activity. On the other hand, going through all of these comments and opinions might be overwhelming for newbies who are used to receiving more explicit instructions.
  • AvaSocial places a strong focus on education. In order to fulfill this commitment, they give a variety of possibilities for traders to connect and participate, including the opportunity to serve as a Mentor. Mentors are seasoned traders that provide answers to inquiries, describe their trading strategy, and assist in the learning process of others around them.
  • AvaSocial provides automatic copy trading on the chosen strategies, which is a concept that is gaining significant traction in the world of financial trading.
  • Digital trophies, a variety of banners, and winner’s photos are among the unusual additions to the service, with members being awarded for the profitability of their transactions with these items.

How To Set Up An AvaSocial Account

The registration process is the same for both experienced and rookie traders. Following or being followed is something that anybody can do.
  • Download AvaSocial App
  • Create a social account
  • Enter your MT4 user credentials
  • Specify the assets you are interested in (FCA requirement)
  • Make a deposit into your AvaSocial account
  • Start copy trading and developing your own social investing network to help you succeed.
You must ensure that your account has been verified and approved before you may withdraw your profits. When utilizing various mobile applications, this is a phase that is frequently overlooked by users.



Is AvaSocial The Social Trading Platform For You?

AvaSocial is a copy trading platform that is easy to use and offers something for both novice and expert investors. Additionally, users will have access to a diverse variety of financial markets and will be able to copy the strategies of experienced traders. Also included is an incredibly simple interface for connecting with online trading groups.

Trading with a fully regulated and internationally regarded forex and CFD broker with several achievements, as well as an affordable cost structure and safe deposits, gives traders an edge over the competition.


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