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Zulutrade best traders reviewed by Evolution FX

Selecting traders whose strategies are worth following on a social trading or copy trading platform can be very hard, especially if you are new to trading. Same goes for ZuluTrade which is the biggest copy trading platform worldwide. Before following a strategy of a trader on ZuluTrade platform, make sure you understand some of the most important characteristics to follow like:

Zulutrade best traders - check the history

Before copying a trader with real money, check if he trades from a Real or Demo account. You may want to look at the traders who trade real money accounts. Demo traders have no limited balance and they could open as many trades as they would see fit, and this could cause your real account to get into trouble. You might not be able to copy all of the trader’s signals because you have limited leverage and balance, while he does not. On the other hand, Zulutrade trader that trades his own money proves to be more professional; he tends to be more calculated as he trades for his portfolio. Also, make sure they don’t open too many max positions and they also respect their strategy guidelines. Fortunately, ZuluTrade gives you the option to see the entire trading history of all traders, in order to keep you well informed.

Zulutrade best traders - tips from Evolution FX

Before you take a decision, let us give you some tips for selecting a trader to follow:

1. Evolution FX gets the crown as the best ZuluTrade trader

Follow Evolution FX on ZuluTrade

Take a look at our results.

And we can help you make win more trades in a very easy way. Our main perks are:


Evolution FX is definitely one of the best choices of traders to follow on ZuluTrade copy trading platform. The risk seems much lower compared to other traders on ZuluTrade, they have very consistent gains with a very high win rate. Long-term looking investors can definetly take advantage of copying Evolution FX by using the recommended money management.

2. Bull Trade 100 gets second place


Bull Trade 100 is another good choice of traders to follow on ZuluTrade copy trading platform. They have been trading on ZuluTrade for more than 50 weeks, time in which they have generated above 24.000 pips with an drawdown of almost 7.000 pips. They are rated 4 stars on ZuluTrade by their followers. Their biggest drawdowns are that they are in fact using a demo account, and their risks are a bit higher than what we would find agreeable

3. Aztec King is another trader noticed by Evolution FX


Aztec King is also one of the best choices of traders to follow on ZuluTrade copy trading platform. They have generated more than 5000 pips with a low drawdown of just 1.400 pips in their 90 weeks life-time. One of their main drawdowns is the low average pip gain per trade, which sits at just above 4 pips. But on the other hand, they use a safe system with no grid, no martingale, just normal trades with fixed TP and SL. Aztec King is definitely a good choice to boost your trading portfolio.

4.LongRun Trade is a good diversifying option


LongRun Trade has now more than 100 weeks of trading history which means they proved to be a stable trader in the long-term. They have generated very high profits for their followers and are rated above 4 stars. Their generated pips is a bit lower, of just 7000 in 100+ weeks, but thei compensate with a good money management and a low drawdown of just 1,500 pips. AztecKing is for sure a good choice of traders to follow on ZuluTrade if ou are looking to diversify your trading portfolio

Still not sure what traders to choose ?Try ZuluTrade Traders Combos

What are Traders' Combos?

High Performance Traders

Traders are grouped in dynamic combinations which correspond to a variety of risk appetites and strategies to follow – You choose what is suitable for you!

Managed Trading Services

Each Combo you select is managed by ZuluTrade’s Certified Management Portfolio Team

Full auto-pilot or Semi-automation?

Combos cover all trading profiles. From passive/novice to experts/hands-on Investors.

How are ZuluTrade Traders selected to be part of a combo?

The Traders that are included in Combos have among other qualities:
Win Rate Over 30%

Win Rate Over 30%

At Least 100 Executed Trades

At least 100 executed trades

Long Term Positive Growth

Long Term positive growth

15 Profitable Trading Weeks

At least 15 profitable trading weeks

How can I follow Traders’ Combos?

Set up your Traders’ Combos Portfolio with 3 clicks:

Register to Zulutrade

If you are interested, you can start using the free service of the platform and get registered. All the trading activity on your Forex account will be done through Zulutrade and you will get live results about the progress. Registration is simple process to a great new beginning.

Why trying the hard why? Keep it simple and choose copy trading.

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Zulutrade best traders - achieve your dreams

Zulutrade Copy Trading platform helps you copy traders from around the world, automatically. When you choose to follow a trader, with a demo or a real account, all trades done by that traders are send instantly to your own account. From there, the transactions are executed on the real broker account of the investor.

Zulutrade Education - see incredible results

If it is not yet clear how this platform works and you are not sure about Zulutrade, you do not have to worry, because Zulutrade offers training, useful educational materials, resources for simulation (demo, etc.), and both online and walk-through video tutorials to help you become familiar with the real-money trading service.

Zulutrade Regulations - Fully Regulated platform

Zulutrade is licensed and regulated in Europe (EU), the United States of America (USA) and Japan. Before investing in any software, it is best to first know if it is regulated and authorized in order to avoid scams. This license is your protection and proof that everything works legitimately.

Zulutrade is the biggest copy trading platform out there

ZuluTrade platform has made online trading and copying possible and is now the oldest and safest copy trading platform out there.You can choose from a very high variety of the best traders around the world. Zulutrade only chooses brokers that are safe, reliable, regulated, and legit.
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